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Important Government Fee Details:

Application filing fee applicable for Provisional/Complete Patent Application – 1600 INR (for Individuals/Startups/SMEs).

Examination fee (applicable only for Complete Patent Application) – 4000 INR (for individuals/Startups/SMEs).

Scenario 1: Individual/Startup/SME wants to file a Provisional Patent Application

Professional Fee: 6999, Govt Fee: 1600, GST (18%): 1259

Total: INR 9,859/- (all-inclusive, no other hidden fee)

Scenario 2: Individual/Startup/SME wants to file a Complete Patent Application

Professional Fee: 34,999, Govt Fee (filing + examination): 5600, GST (18%): 6230

Total: 46,899/- (all-inclusive, no other hidden fee)

Click here to view the official fee schedule of the Indian Patent Office.



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