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What Kind of Inventions Can Be Patented?

           As an inventor working on an idea or invention, the first thought which is often encountered includes “Is my idea patentable”, “Can my invention be patented”, "what kind of inventions can be patented" and “Is my idea patent-eligible”. The foremost thing which you need to be aware of is that a mere idea or a concept cannot be patented. Your idea or invention should be a: new product; ornew process;            that solves a technical problem.            You must also be aware that merely a new process or a product in itself will not qualify for an invention, additionally, the invention or idea must also: involve an inventive step (i.e., must not be obvious to a person skilled in the art); andcapable of industrial applications;            Again, you may find the above terms such as ‘new product’, ‘new process’, and ‘inventive step’ may not be self-explanatory and still do…

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Provisional Patent Application

A provisional specification is the initial preliminary draft which gives a general description about the invention, an applicant intends to protect by way of patent. It is that stage where though the invention is still in the pipeline, but it can be still reproduced on a paper and the patent process can be initiated to secure a priority date.Need to file a provisional patent applicationWhile it is not mandatory to file a provisional patent application to start with the patent process, however, it is always recommended to file a provisional patent application when the invention is still in the development stage. This gives the following advantages:A. Secures a priority date: The date of filing the provisional patent application will be considered as the filing date which secures the date for the invention against any other similar invention in the same field on the same subject matter. Further, novelty and inventive…

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